TECHNE brings together seven universities in London and the South-East, led by Royal Holloway, to provide AHRC studentships and training for the contemporary postgraduate researcher in a fully-formed programme for academic, professional and early career development.

Royal Holloway, University of London | Kingston University | Royal College of Art | University of the Arts London | University of Brighton | University of Roehampton | University of Surrey

TECHNE provides:
  • An environment for students who wish to be intellecutally innovative and experimental

  • Varied disciplinary and interdisciplinary training and networking opportunities

  • Collaborative engagement with 13 Partners in the cultural sector

  • TECHNE offers students rigorous scholarly training and opportunities to develop skills in innovation, critical thinking, risk taking, creativity and communication that are valued in academic and work contexts

TECHNE's Welcome Event for the new Cohort will take place at the Museum of London, Barbican on 19th October 2016.

The TECHNE Student led Conference Memory and Perception is on 3rd November 2016.

The next TECHNE Congress is on the 12th and 13th January 2017 at the RCA London.


Featured AHRC TECHNE funded student 

Kim Starr

Kim Starr

My research project aims to establish whether the inclusion of explanatory audiodescription is an effective means of aiding accessibility to the emotional content of television and film texts in young audiences on the autistic disorder spectrum. Audiodescription (AD) is a secondary sound track added to film, television programmes and other art forms to facilitate access to visual semiotics for blind and partially-sighted audiences.



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‘Techne’ (τέχνη) is a Greek term broadly meaning ‘craft’ but including aspects of specialist study, applied knowledge and creativity. Richard Sennett in The Craftsman(London, Penguin, 2009 p.9) notes that craft in any form entails an “intimate connection between hand and head……a dialogue between concrete practices and thinking”. The name has been chosen for this partnership to consolidate and to underline the relationship between the making and thinking aspects of research across the arts and humanities. 

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