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Featured TECHNE students 


Edward Armston-Sheret

My project examines British cultures of extreme exploration between 1851 and 1913 and their relationship to questions of authority, bodies, science, culture, and identity. Four expeditions serve as its case studies, encompassing the variously intangible, inhospitable, and inaccessible environments of ice, mountains, and deserts, examined through the analysis of archival and published written works alongside non-textual sources, including cinema, photography, and artwork.


Caroline Douglas

My PhD by project will explore the history of women in early photographic practice in Victorian Scotland, from female factory workers, ‘fillers’, at the George Washington Wilson and Co. in Aberdeen, to the unknown women in Hill and Adamson’s studio at ‘Rock House’ in Edinburgh. In doing so, it will also offer a creative response that explores the implications of this history for the discipline today.


Ilaria Martello

My research focuses on re-framing costume in contemporary ballet as a spatial and temporal dynamic that can be analysed beyond its technical and ornamental values. I will conduct an in-depth study of The Triadic Ballet (1922) by Oskar Schlemmer alongside the ballet Carbon Life (2012) by Wayne McGregor through archive research of the former and analysis of the filmed performance of the latter.